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October 10, 2011
Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Where to eat and stay in Stockholm, plus a worthwhile trek outside of Stockholm for devoted foodies.

Hotel A. Nobis Hotel

The Nobis Hotel is the hottest new hotel in Stockholm. Its lobby is flanked by Marimekko and Acne storefronts (the classic Finnish designer that defined modern design, and the world famous contemporary hip Swedish brand), which should give you an idea of what the Nobis Hotel is like — stylish, modern, hip and a place to be seen. Most of all, the... full article

Smoked Salmon with Creamed Wild Mushrooms B. Lisa Elmqvist

Lisa Elmqvist not only sells top-notch fish and seafood but also serves the daily catch and other amazing seafood dishes at the food hall Ostermalms Saluhall. The smoked salmon with chanterelle cream sauce was a unique experience, as I rarely think of eating cold salmon with a warm sauce, but this pairing worked.... full article

Tasting Menu C. Mistral

I absolutely adore Mistral and chef Fredrik Andersson! Beyond Swedish locavore-driven cuisine, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and the experience was filled with happy surprises from beginning to end. In fact, just finding Mistral was an adventure, because it’s a bit off the beaten path, located outside of Stockholm’s city center. And... full article

Tasting Menu D. Volt

Volt offers a choice of three-course, five-course or seven-course tasting menus for dinner. It’s an understated restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere and a lot of integrity, embodying its philosophy: “We do not want to be in accord with regular practice or procedure. We do not succumb to a standard. We let the irregular speak. We... full article

Mapo Tofu (Ma Po Dou Fu) E. Lao Wai

Lao Wai is truly remarkable! It’s the best Chinese food I’ve tasted outside of Asia. Authentic flavor, fresh ingredients and extremely well-executed. I was apprehensive when Mistral Chef-Owner Fredrik Andersson recommended it, mentioning the “Swedish husband, Taiwanese wife team cooking vegetarian Sichuan and Taiwanese... full article

Tasting Menu F. Faviken Magasinet

Fäviken is a little remote. Close to the Arctic Circle and the ski resort town of Åre in Sweden, it’s an hour plane ride (or six-hour train ride) north from Stockholm, followed by another hour drive to the 20,000-acre estate called Fäviken, where up to 12 diners can enjoy an evening of suspense-filled gastronomic delights and theatrics.... full article