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Tasting Menu
November 08, 2011


Tasting Menu

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Volt offers a choice of three-course, five-course or seven-course tasting menus for dinner. It’s an understated restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere and a lot of integrity, embodying its philosophy: “We do not want to be in accord with regular practice or procedure. We do not succumb to a standard. We let the irregular speak. We focus on carefully selected details. These are ambitions that you will notice in both decoration and style of service.”

Indeed, the food is simple with all the correct details deliciously and thoughtfully balanced. For example, the starter of broccoli with oysters, sea plants and algae: I had never before tasted a stalk of broccoli that was so amazing in its own right. The sea plants and algae provided a savory contrast, but the naturally sweet in-season broccoli simply exerted its innate charm and nothing more. Also, the lamb tongue starter was beautifully arranged with artichoke, olive and sheep yoghurt. The tongue, cooked until tender, almost resembled the texture of beets. And Volt’s wine program focuses on boutique producers of natural wines. If I lived in Stockholm, I would be a regular at Volt.

One last thing to mention is the Swedish pound cake that concludes the meal. Phenomenal. The textures and flavor were impeccable. Crispy on the outside and moist and spongy on the inside, with the perfect accent of orange essence. Even though I had just finished dessert, I found myself eating the entire cake. It’s an unforgettable note to end on.


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