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Coffee Cuisine

April 30, 2008
Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

There are some things we just can’t live without, and for many, coffee is at the top of that list. An important commodity in our everyday lives, its prevalence seems only second to water. From large corporations like Starbucks, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, to stand-alone artisanal shops, New York’s coffee business is thriving. So this month, our feature on coffee includes food cravings that incorporate our favorite addiction and a short list of coffee shops.

All food photography for the coffee issue were taken by Shida Kuo, except for the Viennese Mélange Sabayon, which was provided by Wallsé.

Viennese Mélange Sabayon A. Wallse

The Viennese Mélange Sabayon looks deceptively like a regular cappuccino, but it’s really a multi-layered frozen treat. At the bottom is a layer of espresso sabayon, with two scoops of coffee ice cream in the middle, topped with a frothy layer of almond whipped cream. The consistencies of all three layers meld into one another... full article

Coffee Opera Cake B. Cafe Boulud

Raphael Haasz, Café Boulud’s pastry chef, insists that his coffee opera cake is traditional, but the delicate details as well as the pairing of chocolate ice cream with crumble make this one stand out. Made with two layers of Jaconde biscuit (a sponge cake baked in thin layers with almond flour, nuts and whipped egg white), it’s... full article

Tiramisu (Seasonal) C. Caffe Falai

Iacopo Falai’s tiramisu breaks the tired convention of this ubiquitous Italian dessert. It’s a deconstructed version that lays all the ingredients on a plate with espresso poured over, allowing the diner to play and decide what components to eat at the desired proportion. It makes dining fun again in a thought-provoking way. English... full article

Coffee Panna Cotta D. North Square

The coffee panna cotta at North Square is a fun mix of textures: the perfectly soft coffee pudding, the smooth chocolate coating of the espresso beans, and the slightly muffled crunch of caramel-covered corn flakes. Pastry chef Pat Coston has concocted a dessert that takes its cue from breakfast: coffee and corn flakes. Who would have... full article

Grilled Double-Cut Pork Chop (Seasonal) E. The Red Cat

There’s no mention of coffee where this dish is listed on The Red Cat menu, but you can’t miss it in the earthy aroma and juicy flavor of this pork chop that’s marinated in ground coffee and brown sugar for a few days before it’s chargrilled. The double-cut chop is so popular that executive chef Bill McDaniel... full article

Heart F. Martine's Chocolates

Every time I try one of chocolatier Martine Leventer’s chocolates, I fall in love all over again. Thus, the heart shape of these cappuccino bonbons is highly appropriate. Layers of coffee-flavored ganache are topped with another layer of whipped cream in a dark, milk or white chocolate couveture. The smooth rich texture of the ganache and cream is... full article