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Washington D.C.

August 31, 2007
Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Our Washington D.C. Picks!

Accommodations A. Park Hyatt Washington

The Park Hyatt Washington is conveniently located in West End Georgetown, close to George Washington University (nearest metro stop: Foggy Bottom/GWU) and Dupont Circle. My hotel of choice in D.C., the Park Hyatt features elegant guest rooms designed by New York designer Tony Chi, combining modernism with classic American style. The... full article

Empanadas B. Julia's Empanadas

Julia’s Empanadas has been around since the early nineties. At the original store on 18th Street, looking for some guidance, I asked everyone in line his or her favorite flavor, but everyone gave me a different answer. :( I chose the Chilean style beef with ground beef, raisins, hardboiled egg, onion and olive. Perfection! The baked empanada... full article

Chili Half-Smoke C. Ben's Chili Bowl

Having just had lunch, I was only going to drop into Ben’s to take a look at this institution that’s been around since 1958. But once inside, a waft of grilled meats convinced me to stay and have a “snack.” My friend recommended the chili half-smoke with everything. Even though I wasn’t clear on what a half-smoke was, I ordered... full article

Brunch D. The Willard Room

Visitors to Washington, DC often miss out on some very memorable attractions. One is my favorite museum, The National Portrait Gallery, which has been closed since 2000 for renovations and reopens in July. I’ve missed its memory-jogging photos, caricatures and Time magazine covers of politicians, entertainers, athletes, innovators and... full article

Crabs E. Jimmy Cantler's Riverside Inn

Cantler’s has been serving steamed Maryland blue crabs and fresh seafood since 1974. The restaurant is located on the water, overlooking Mill Creek (which empties into the Chesapeake Bay, where the crabs are harvested), so it must be wonderful to sit at the picnic tables on the patio and eat by the water. Unfortunately, on this particular Sunday,... full article

Chicken Thighs F. Graffiato

Chef Mike Isabella’s chicken thighs are a signature dish at Graffiato. Seared skinned side down and finished in the wood oven, the meat is tender while the skin is crispy. But this dish’s secret weapon is the pepperoni sauce that has made the Top Chef famous. The most apt expression to describe this puree of tomatoes, chilies, and... full article

Mezzethakia G. Komi

Komi offers two different types of prix-fixe menus. The dinner menu includes seven to eight chef’s selections of mezzethakia (small appetizers), and a three-course (appetizer, entrée and dessert) choice from the daily menu. The degustazione menu includes twelve mezzathakia, the three-course selection and wine pairing. It is requested that... full article

Combination Platter H. Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant

Normally, I prefer the vegetarian spreads at Ethiopian restaurants, but I realized at Dukem that that’s probably because I had never had really good Ethiopian cuisine before. Both the meat and the vegetarian selections were delightful. We chose a combination platter that included lamb wot (spicy homemade lamb stew), doro wot (chicken... full article

Houseware I. Home Rule

One of my favorite stores in Washington, D.C. is Home Rule, a small boutique that’s chock full of great housewares for the kitchen, bathroom and more. Home Rule is unique and carries goods that satisfy another set of criteria for the object-obsessed. In fact, it’s so addictive that if I can’t make a trip down to D.C., I ask a friend to... full article

Hotel J. The Inn at Little Washington

All the amenities of a Relais & Chateaux blended with country house charm makes The Inn at Little Washington one of the best retreats in the country. Five star accommodations and cuisine in the most relaxing setting makes this my favorite retreat.

My recent visit to The Inn at Little Washington was a phenomenal experience. Under the stewardship of... full article

Tasting Menu K. The Inn at Little Washington

The evening started at The Inn’s bar, Monkey Lounge. Since no aperitif is civilized without accompanying snacks, with my glass of champagne, there first came a basket of fresh thin Parmesan crisps, then popcorn seasoned with truffle oil and parsley, topped with black truffle shavings. Popcorn will never be the same.

Once I was seated in... full article