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Coconut Goody Bags

June 25, 2008
Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

My recent trips to Hawaii and Thailand have got me hooked on coconut. Now back in New York, I’ve started looking for all things coconut. In addition to covering foods and desserts at restaurants, I’ve put together a little bag of goodies to share with you. Interested in yummy coconut snacks? Try our coconut goody bag ($19.95) to satisfy this summer craving. The following are detailed descriptions of the items included in the bag. There’s also a deluxe version with a bonus treat — coconut Pocky. The coconut goody bags were a limited-time offer and are sold out.

Note: Products in the goody bag may be substituted for other coconut treats depending on availability.

Coconut Pudding: Haupia

Haupia is a Hawaiian coconut pudding commonly served at luaus. But it’s become so popular, that in addition to these gelatin pudding squares, the flavor is used in cakes and yogurt these days. This incredibly easy-to-make bag of mix will serve as a good introduction to haupia. Just heat water, add the mix, stir, and pour into a pan to set and cool. The coconut milk-based pudding is not too sweet, and it’s a simple, cooling dessert to serve in the summer.

Coconut Egg Rolls

These egg rolls are thin crepes rolled with coconut shreds between the layers. Baked, the texture is like a cookie, and the crisp fine layers make each bite delectable. I find that refrigerating the rolls and eating them cold makes them even taste even better!

Coconut Toffee

Soft, chewy and mind-bogglingly delicious, these coconut toffees will make you swoon. Besides, the packaging is so elegant and gorgeous, how could you not fall for them? To me, these toffees are symbols of Thailand. They remind me of its grace and amazing cuisine. The Thai just have a way with these rich flavors.

Coconut Gummies: Papaya and Mango

Let’s go to the tropics! Chewy coconut/papaya and coconut/mango gummies are the easiest ticket there. Fruity and fragrant, these soft candies are easy to pop into your mouth for a quick fix of exotic flavor.

Coconut Cream-Flavored Peanuts

I discovered these peanuts at a Thai supermarket in New York before visiting Thailand. But I grew even more addicted to them while there. These peanuts covered in a coconut cream-flavored shell are dangerously good. The moment you open the bag, the sweet, intoxicating smell of coconut mixed with peanut rushes out. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because once you taste the first peanut, you won’t stop until the bag is finished.

Super Creamy Coconut Candy
Hong Kong

I grew up eating these coconut candies. Similar in flavor to the Thai toffees, these are hard candies that slowly dissolve in your mouth while you savor the creamy roasted coconut flavor. I’ve loved them since childhood, but they withstand the test of time.

Coconut Thin Cracker

Individually packed coconut crackers are the way to go. As the name reveals, the crackers are thin, and they’re dusted with sugar and coconut shreds. Five to a bag, the buttery taste of the cracker and slight sweetness of the toppings make for a light and satisfying snack.

The coconut goody bags are sold out.