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Trofie Genovesi / Daniel Marracino
Trofie Genovesi / Daniel Marracino
January 20, 2015

Paola's Restaurant

Trofie Genovesi

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Paola’s has been an Upper East Side staple for almost 30 years. The dining room has the warmth of familiarity, a place where regulars hang out. The average age of the clientele skews older, but the classic cuisine at Paola’s boasts a contemporary twist. The trofie Genovesi, a signature dish, is an example of why old timers keep coming back for more. Trofie, small pieces of pasta rolled into “unicorn horns,” are made by hand using a small, ridged paddle to form their twisty shapes. This light pasta made from flour and a touch of Grana Padano cheese gives it a savory flavor that pairs well with the pesto sauce, pine nuts, potatoes and string beans. Upon finishing the dish, I was already craving more.

Paola's Restaurant

1295 Madison Ave
New York, NY
Upper East Side