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The Julia Child Issue

September 18, 2009

The Julia Child Issue

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

You might think that Julie & Julia was just a summer phenomenon, but what remains is a resurgence of love, reverence and curiosity surrounding Julia Child. Her memoir, My Life in France, has not only climbed back onto the best seller list in the US, but it’s also topping lists as far away as China. Now that’s phenomenal!

Most people to whom I’ve spoken about the movie wish there had been less Julie and more Julia. But thankfully, reading material on Julia Child is not difficult to find.

Gastronomica has also just re-launched its 2005 Julia Child Issue, published the year after her death. This commemorative issue is a collector’s item with birthday poems from Paul Child, tributes and insights from Jacques Pépin and Sara Moulton, and glimpses into her childhood and life at Smith. And this wonderfully quirky photo of Julia and Paul in the bathtub (below) reminds us how mesmerizing Julia Child was.

Julia Child