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December 01, 2011

The Family Meal

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

When I think of Ferran Adrià, home cooking does not come to mind. But in his new cookbook, The Family Meal, Adrià and Eugeni de Diego (one of El Bulli’s head chefs) reveal recipes from El Bulli staff meals. Much like Jamie Oliver’s Meals in Minutes, Adrià’s book emphasizes the importance of organization in preparing simple meals quickly without sacrificing quality. The innovative forefather of modernist cuisine, Adrià shows a little known side of himself, demonstrating that a good meal can be easy to prepare and affordable. The cookbook is unique in that it shows step-by-step photos for each of the 31 three-course menus. These photos are helpful in the same way that video recipes are, assuring home cooks that they’re on the right track. From his tips on how to cook eggs to pantry essentials, there’s nothing intimidating about this accessible and engaging Ferran Adrià cookbook. Don’t believe me? Try out meal 15’s recipes in the boxes to the right: bread and garlic soup, Mexican style pork, and figs with cream.