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De Kas Restaurant in Amsterdam
De Kas Restaurant in Amsterdam
December 12, 2016

De Kas

Tasting Menu

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Set inside a greenhouse in Frankendael Park outside of central Amsterdam, De Kas restaurant is simply magical. I had read about the restaurant and received recommendations from friends, but until I experienced it myself, I did not understand how stunning the place is. At lunchtime, the perfect autumn daylight illuminated the glass house with a backdrop of the changing fall leaves; at night, the greenhouse is lit up and stands out uniquely in all its glory. The restaurant serves dishes made from organic ingredients grown on-site, with supplemental seafood and meats sourced from local suppliers. I went for lunch and was dumbfounded that the three-small-plates lunch menu was only 18.5 euros. I prefer having more small plates to entrees so that I can taste more variety, so this was the perfect portion — and the quality-to-price ratio was unbelievable. I loved all three dishes, from the warming celeriac beef bouillon with celeriac chip, followed by the pikeperch in kale sauce with kohlrabi, and finally grilled endive salad with blue cheese, grapefruit and hazelnuts. I enjoyed every bit of this meal, including the path I walked in the park that led to the restaurant, the setting, the ingredients, the preparation, and the service. It is one of my most memorable dining experiences. De Kas is truly awe-inspiring.

De Kas Restaurant in Amsterdam De Kas Restaurant in Amsterdam Cerleriac Beef Bouillon with Celeriac Chip at De Kas Restaurant in Amsterdam

De Kas

Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3
1097 DE
East Amsterdam