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Spicy Lobster Salad
February 17, 2012

Benchmark Restaurant

Spicy Lobster Salad

Nancy Matsumoto

You wouldn’t expect a cozy Park Slope restaurant featuring hearty pasture-raised cuts of meat to serve a zingy, tropical salad like this one, yet chef Ryan Jaronik has a number of palate-goosing surprises up his sleeve. Inspired by his years spent cooking at the former Chicago Latin restaurant Mas, Jaronik capitalizes on the textural similarities between avocado and banana to create a pool of banana “guacamole” accented with lime juice, cilantro, jalapeno and red onion. In it, a package of tender lobster spears bound with coconut and Thai curry dressing rests majestically, crowned with pickled fresh hearts of palm. The dish is both refreshing and rich, making a progression to seared foie gras with bourbon caramel and a bone-in New York strip steak seem to be the way dinner is supposed to unfold.

Benchmark Restaurant

339A 2nd St
Brooklyn, NY
Park Slope