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October 31, 2013

Southern Fried

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

James Villas points out that in our “locovorized, artisanized, and molecularized foods” era, we shouldn’t forget the simple art of frying. But how could we, when he reminds us of all the delicious Southern comfort foods that we love so dearly. “Southern Fried” gives us a taste of the traditions of Southern treats from fried cheese grits to oyster po’boys, honey-dipped fried chicken and Georgia fried spiced peaches. The recipe for fried okra with Thousand Island dressing sounds amazing, and there’s even a recipe for fried deviled eggs! Villas’ book is like a course in Southern food appreciation; the North Carolina native helps us understand why we should love and celebrate these traditional foodways, one recipe at a time. For a taste of Villas’ “Southern Fried” goodness, try the recipes for Georgia bacon and eggs with hominy and country-fried steak with onion gravy.

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