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Roasted Potato Soup
December 01, 2009

Dirt Candy

Roasted Potato Soup

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

New on the fall appetizer menu is the roasted potato soup with ketchup caviar. Potato soup may sound conventional, but if you read the roasted potato soup entry on Chef Cohen’s blog, it may blow your mind. Roasted for hours and hours until they are completely dehydrated, the potatoes are then cooked in an onion-citrus broth to rehydrate them. This method gives the most potent potato flavor possible.

I find it amusing is that Chef Cohen actually pays homage to two other potato dishes in her soup. The first is French fries and ketchup — hence the ketchup caviar, little pearls of tomato bombs that explode in your mouth. The second is the Chinese dish of shredded potato sautéed in vinegar (I grew up eating this at home and no one makes it better than my mother!). Chef Cohen’s rendition is deep fried shreds of vinegar-soaked potato shaped into a cylinder that the ketchup caviar sits on (image above). The presentation is beautiful, and it’s a pleasure to taste so many flavors interacting with one another in a singular dish.

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