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Menu Dejeuner
April 06, 2006

Les Enfants Rouges

Menu Dejeuner

Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng

Kit and I both ordered the €16 menu déjeuner. I had the salade de poireaux tièdes aux herbes (Warm Leek Salad with Herbs), followed by a braisé de joues de boeuf vigneronne (Braised Beef Cheeks in Wine). We started with a 2004 Vin de Pays de L’Ardèche. Wines from the Ardèche region were another neat discovery during my trip. Friends were serving it at dinner parties, my favorite restaurant served it with its daily menu and LER had a stellar one from none other than the top Northern Rhône producer, Dard & Ribo (€4). The blend was Syrah and Gamay. Next, we continued with a 1999 Domaine de Causse Marines “Duras” (€4,5). Known for inverting the names of his wines, the producer labeled this one “Rasdu.” Who would have guessed? A 1999 that tasted juicy like a just-released vintage. This is what keeps fans coming back: Dany knows her wines (and all the producers and clients personally).

Les Enfants Rouges

90, rue des Archives