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Long Island Clam Toast
July 30, 2013

Cull & Pistol

Long Island Clam Toast

Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng

Clam Your Toast

Oysters always get the spotlight, and we forget about all the good clams out there. Don’t miss out: claim your clams, and clam your toast!

I recently did at Cull & Pistol. I started with the raw bar selection of littlenecks and cherrystones. I really liked the sweet juice of the clams and their firm meat. They were a refreshing alternative to more briny and delicate raw oysters.

Then I ordered what I had been craving, the Long Island Clam Toast ($12). My toast came a bit burnt on the edges, and I wasn’t sure whether that was an oversight or deliberate touch until I took a bite and loved how the smokiness played with the Dickson’s tasso ham in this dish. Every bite delivered the sea flavors of the cooked clams, a bit of crunch from the toast and the creamy and savory decadence of the garlic aioli. The toast, cut into three parts, was topped with a mountain of clams; it served as a main course for me, but would be a great starter to share with company.

A pint of crisp Scrimshaw Pilsner was like a wave of sea foam enveloping the clams. A most favorable match. I repeat, “Go clam your toast now!”

Cull & Pistol

75 9th Ave
New York, NY