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The Food Section

August 11, 2006

The Food Section

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Josh Friedland is organized to an extent I find mind-boggling. The Food Section is a monster of a blog with a wealth of information but structured in a way that’s easy to manage and navigate. As its sub-header states, The Food Section publishes “All the news that’s fit to eat.” Josh’s blog is a hybrid of links and essays. He’ll comb through all his resources to post news linking to other sources and at the same time maintains the editorial side of his blog that talks more personally about his own experiences.

Josh explains that what’s missing in magazines and newspapers are links to competitors. People who are interested in a certain subject matter want to learn everything about it, so why not give them all the information? This is exactly what Josh does. He’s taking full advantage of the technology of blogging and gives people all the information he can get his hands on. And people love it. In fact, the site is so well set up now that he doesn’t need to spend more than two to three hours a day on it to keep up. Guest editors who contribute posts to the site also help ease his workload. His hard work on the setup of the blog has paid off, especially now that he needs more time at home since Josh has recently become a dad.