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Jose Dhondt NV
November 25, 2008

67 Wine & Spirits

Jose Dhondt NV

Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng

Jose Dhondt NV
Village: Oger (Grand Cru), Côtes des Blanc; Blend: 100% Chardonnay; Style: Blanc de Blancs; Attributes: Seamlessly balanced, exhilarating, seductive, acidity intact and piercing.

Impressions: Racy.

The Moment: March 8, 2008. Savoy, NYC. A lunch date with Rollin and Corby Soles, owners of Argyle Winery visiting from Oregon, and their friend Patrick Cullina, VP of Horticulture at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. While pouring cold rain outside, we were in the fire-lit upstairs dining room, an incredibly cozy and intimate setting with the best story sharing, completely safe from the torrential weather outside. We enjoyed a complete champagne meal.

Pairings: At Savoy, handmade garganelli with house-smoked ham, English peas, dried chili and Parmesan. Also try, any pasta or other comfort food, a poultry entrée.

Context: I think of this wine a lot: it’s like a love affair. Perfect to have at Savoy because they serve the type of food I’d want with it: local, fresh and simple. My worst nightmare would be to have this wine with some fancy or heavy food in the wrong type of restaurant.

Where to find it:
NEW YORK: Savoy ($46/half-bottle) 212-219-8570; Cookshop ($102/bottle) 212-924-4440; 67 Wines & Spirits ($50) 212-724-6767.

67 Wine & Spirits

179 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY
Upper West Side