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August 27, 2012

John T. Edge

Nina Fallenbaum

Food served on paper plates never gets the credit that high cuisine does. John T. Edge is trying to fix that in his newest book, “The Truck Food Cookbook,” a guide to the best chefs on four wheels. He cajoles them into sharing their recipes, building on his work as a professional story-collector for the Southern Food Alliance and United Tastes columnist for the New York Times. He’s funny, erudite and loves to lick grease from his fingers, attracting a legion of devoted followers.

Recipes for fried Brussels sprouts and Sonoran hot dogs made me realize how food trucks are at the forefront of originality and hybrid cooking. For simplicity and speed, they can’t be beat (both recipes are in the recipe boxes to the right). Go grab lunch from your favorite food truck and then learn its secrets from this gleeful homage to the foil-wrapped meal.

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