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Food Art Pairings
December 03, 2013

David Schwen

Food Art Pairings

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Check out these signed, limited edition prints from David Schwen’s Pantone chip-inspired photo series, Food Art Pairings. The prints would be a fun and affordable gift for anyone on your list who, like me, loves food just as much as design. Carrots and peas, mac and cheese, and ketchup and mustard are a few of my favorites. They just crack me up!

“Being a designer, I’m always picking Pantone colors for projects. When I had two of them next to each other for a comparison, the idea sparked of how people create food pairings. I posted one each day for 20 days on Instagram. These prints will make great gifts for all food lovers!”

— David Schwen, creative director of Dschwen

David Schwen

New York, NY
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