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Flying Fish Cutters
September 08, 2006


Flying Fish Cutters

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

At Culpepper’s, we experienced unparalleled hospitality and enthusiasm to teach two Asians and a Frenchman about Bajan cuisine. The flying fish cutters (sandwich) came highly recommended. When placing the order, you need to specify one fish or two. I wasn’t exactly sure what this meant — if it was just a matter of it being a double order or not — but when faced with the question, the other diners waiting for their food resoundingly helped us respond by shouting ‘two’; in unison. Once I took a bite of the sandwich, I immediately understood why you should get two. The flying fish is deep-fried, but each piece is thin and flat. So to get your fill, you need two pieces between the bread. The front of Culpeppers is for take-out, but there is sit-down dining space through a closed glass door. We also tried the steamed flying fish with cou-cou, cornmeal in gravy, but I prefer and recommend the cutters.


1082 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Crown Heights