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December 18, 2008

NY Dosas


Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Even before reading last month’s Financial Times article on Thiru Kumar’s dosa cart in Washington Square Park, I’d been meaning to try it. Kumar’s been there for seven years, winning awards and getting recognition in publications around the world. For a street vendor, he’s definitely in the hall of fame. And it’s no wonder. His dosas are delicious. The thin, crisp outer layer of dosa — crepe made from either rice and lentils or wheat and rice flour — and the potato filling, with or without, vegetables make for a great meal, especially in cold weather. And what’s truly exceptional is the coconut chutney on the side. It’s just spicy enough and better than any of the other hot sauces you can add. It’s a real treat, especially at $4-$6 for an entire meal, including a small cup of Southern Indian style sambar — vegetable stew. He’s at the park Monday through Saturday 11am to 4pm (or while supplies last.)

NY Dosas

W 4th St
@ Sullivan St
New York, NY
Greenwich Village