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Colombelle Blanc
March 03, 2010

Chelsea Wine Vault

Colombelle Blanc

Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng

You must know by now that recommending inexpensive wines just to fit the economic climate is really not my beat. Not because I don’t care about the tighter budgets of my readers, but because I only vouch for quality, and wouldn’t write up a $10 wine just because the price is right. How the wine tastes and is made matters more to me. So, I’ll continue to taste the $10 and under wines sent to me by producers, but unless something jumps out at me, I’d rather my clientele buy a well-made $20 bottle and drink less.

So, it was with a smile that I came across a crisp Southern France white blend (70% Colombard; 30% Ugni Blanc): the 09 Colombelle Blanc ($8). Two little-known grapes that create a fresh, dry wine. Melon dominates the nose while notes of citrus linger on the palate. All I can think of is oysters, and handing my guests a glass as soon as they walk into my apartment.

I celebrate wines with beautiful, balanced acidity. Want spring to come quicker? Live like you’re in spring already. Look forward and have your first wine from the 09 vintage.

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