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April 09, 2012

Abstract City

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Christoph Niemann is one of my favorite designers, for his quick wit and multimedia versatility. I used to wait with bated breath for each installment of his masterfully illustrated visual opinion blog Abstract City on the New York Times website. Now you can read all 16 essays in their entirety in the book compilation “Abstract City.” Niemann renders observations from his everyday life with whimsical materials — from coffee stains to leaves to baking dough and sprinkles. My favorite is the first essay explaining his children’s obsession with the New York City subway. These visual essays are ingenious, lighthearted and thoughtful. The book gives readers a glimpse into Niemann’s creative process, which is uniquely multifaceted and inspirational.

Credits: Christoph Niemann ©2012

Christoph Niemann