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Chocolate Bars
April 17, 2009

Rogue Chocolatier

Chocolate Bars

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Rogue Chocolatier’s chocolate bars are made with love. From the outstanding quality and taste of the chocolate to the simple beauty of the packaging, the 100% artisanal production is heartfelt.

Minneapolis based chocolatier Colin Gasko currently produces three 70% cacao single-origin chocolate bars: Sambirano (Madagascar), Hispaniola (Dominican Republic) and Rio Caribe (Venezuela). You can read more about the bars on their website.

The cacao terroir of each bar speaks for itself with distinct and vibrant flavors. Colin adds his own tasting notes on the back of the packaging, such as “liquorice, burnt orange and cherry” for Hispaniola. But everyone has a different palate so you should try for yourself to see what notes you taste.

The packaging of the bars is eye-catching: a single sheet of paper, with the illustration of the leaves and beans of a cacao plant, wraps each bar. It’s a good representation of Rogue: no frills, just the simple good stuff.

Rogue Chocolatier

New York, NY
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