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Cassis (Black Currant Liqueur)
August 24, 2007

Clinton Vineyards

Cassis (Black Currant Liqueur)

Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng

Have you ever tasted a cassis (black currant liqueur) so damn good that you just want to drink it straight? Clinton Vineyards in the Hudson Valley is in its third vintage of a concentrated and luscious version that highlights the exceptional black currants they source. It makes me feel like I’ve never tasted a real cassis before. Filled with rich dark berry flavors and balanced with acidity, it’s neither syrupy nor too sweet.

With such a high quality cassis, any kir you whip up should shine, too.

The traditional kir is cassis mixed with Aligoté, the lesser-known white Burgundian grape. Otherwise, any dry white wine should do the trick. For a more upscale variation, concoct a kir royale. Substitute the white wine with champagne or a dry sparkler. Clinton happens to make a one-of-a-kind bubbly with the hybrid grape, Seyval Blanc. This bone-dry fizz is the perfect complement to the potent black currant liqueur.

The next time you are in the Hudson Valley, drop by the winery. In the City, you can find Clinton’s wines at Vintage New York.


Clinton Vineyards

450 Schultzville Rd
Clinton Corners, NY
Hudson Valley