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Brooklyn Bootleg S'mores
June 08, 2011

Blue Bottle Coffee

Brooklyn Bootleg S'mores

Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng

It wasn’t my intention, really, it wasn’t. But look at it; I didn’t see
any point in resisting. The most decadent part of this was it was
right at lunchtime.

I was in line to order a Kyoto iced coffee when I spotted these boozed-up s’mores, apted named “Brooklyn Bootleg S’mores.” We’re talking about a Kings County Distillery Moonshine-infused marshmallow sandwiched between two house-made graham crackers and covered in Mast Brothers chocolate ($3.50).

A woman came in behind me and we were both eyeing them, when I told her straight out, “We should both have them.” She laughed. When I got mine and I told her I also have butter every day because I don’t want to live an edited life. She asked if she could take a picture of me with my s’mores. Now she has evidence of a completely living, decadent girl.

Blue Bottle Coffee

160 Berry St
Brooklyn, NY