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Broccoli Sub
June 01, 2010

No. 7 Sub

Broccoli Sub

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

The line at No. 7 Sub is perennially long, even though the team there has the sub assembly line down to a science. They’re just really that good. Right now, as the summer starts to heat up, I’m looking for light and refreshing, and have found the answer in their broccoli sub, with melted mozzarella, Thai basil pesto and fried lemon. Part of the secret to their success is the focus on texture. Every sub has something crunchy in it, whether it’s potato chips, fried shallots, rice crackers or fried lemon. On the side, the Muchim pickles are not to be missed, crispy with a spicy kick. Then to cool down, get the slightly frizzante yuzuade. There’s no seating, but you can enjoy all this and people watch at neighboring Madison Square Park.

No. 7 Sub

1188 Broadway
New York, NY