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Bread and Spread
September 08, 2006


Bread and Spread

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Across the street from Polam International Market, is Damis, a Polish American restaurant with jungle-themed décor. The highlight was the spread they brought out with the breadbasket before our meal — yes, the free bread and spread. The spread was a white butterlike ball mixed with smoked bacon bits, parsley, and onions. It’s kind of like a German potato salad sans the potato. I wasn’t exactly sure what the white spread was because it looked like pure lard, and Kasia was reluctant to answer my question because she feared I wouldn’t eat fat. Little did she know that I live for fat and have no qualms about eating lard straight, it’s just that I wanted to know what it really was. So yes, it was lard spread with bacon, onion and parsley. You can tell it’s lard because when you put it on bread, it almost starts to melt and turn clear. Well, it can’t be that bad for you, can it? If you eat butter with bread, then this is the same concept but much better because it has bacon in it. How can you resist bacon?!


931 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY