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April 16, 2012

Hot Bread Kitchen


Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Part of the fun of visiting Hot Bread Kitchen at the greenmarket is trying different types of its multi-ethnic bread. Hot Bread Kitchen founder Jessamyn Rodriguez tells us that the top sellers are the Moroccan m’smen flatbread and the Upstate multigrain, both of which I love, but the bialys are my favorite. They’re made in the traditional way using unbleached unbromated wheat flour, the center filled with diced caramelized onions as well as crunchy poppy seeds and Hot Bread Kitchen’s Armenian lavash cracker crumbs — a fresh and flavorful combination of textures. I love having the bialys with a fried egg in the morning. I break off bits of the bialy to soak up the runny yolk and save the center for last.

In addition to all of Hot Bread Kitchen’s greenmarket locations, the bialys are also sold at the following locations:

Park Slope Food Coop
Marlow and Daughters
Russ and Daughters

Hot Bread Kitchen

Union Square Greenmarket
New York, NY
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Union Square