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Agedofu / Nancy Matsumoto
Agedofu / Nancy Matsumoto
February 05, 2016

Musshu Mizuki


Nancy Matsumoto

Whether you have a seat at the beautiful burled wood bar or settle into one of the cozy alcoves of this underground Ginza hideaway, the friendly staff will make you feel relaxed and welcome. At Musshu Mizuki, you’ll find standard pub fare served alongside more unusual provisions: a “grilled salad” of organic vegetables sourced from the Saitama Prefecture farm Kaze no Oka, unctuous roast pork from Fukushima and rosy pink ham from Akita Prefecture, a blowfish tasting course, and savory meat hot pots. The 40-bottle sake list at Musshu (or Mizuki, as it’s more commonly known) includes several entries brewed exclusively for the restaurant. The night I visited, there was a delicious starter of paradoxically crispy yet chewy agedofu (deep-fried tofu) in a well-balanced dashi, a plate of that Akita ham served with whole-gram brown mustard, juicy skewered and grilled tuna, and a delicious dish of miso-cured sea urchin, enhanced by a Daishichi Shouka kimoto junmai daiginjo from Fukushima Prefecture. If sake is not your thing, there are plenty of other beverage options, including shochu and the potent Okinawan distilled drink awamori.

Akita Ham

Musshu Mizuki

Ginza 6-7-6, La Paix Building B1F