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Abstract City

August 17, 2009

Abstract City

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

I’m always looking for inspiration, and every month I can get it from two ingenious graphic designers’ Op-Ed blogs on Maira Kalman’s And the Pursuit of Happiness and Christoph Niemann’s Abstract City.

Christoph Niemann’s latest entry is “Master of the Universe,” an upbeat interpretation of one’s control over life events using a little voodoo. He starts with, “N.B.A. playoffs. The weather. Politics. Life is full of uncertainties. Luckily, I have found that fate can be manipulated with a little witchcraft. Remember the Knicks making it to the finals in 1999? That was me. The blizzard of 2006? I just felt like it. Barack Obama being elected president? You’re welcome.” The piece is illustrated with stuffed burlap characters and red pushpins. It’s witty, uplifting, and reminds me that life is full of uncertainties but that we need to keep a positive outlook and keep our wills strong.

When I see the works of great artists, I am not only awed by the intricacies of their art and thought processes but also by how they touch hearts and inspire others to tap into their own creativity. I’m looking forward to the next entries already!

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