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June 07, 2012

A Girl and Her Pig

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

April Bloomfield is a rock star in the culinary world, with three beloved New York restaurants under her belt, the Spotted Pig, the Breslin Bar & Dining Room and the John Dory Oyster Bar. In her first cookbook, “A Girl and Her Pig,” two things resonated with me. One was, of course, the selection of rustic foods, all of which I want to try to make. The second was her down-to-earth voice. In her introduction, she talks about her modest roots in Birmingham, England, and aspirations of becoming a policewoman. Luckily, she missed her chance to apply to the police academy but enrolled in cooking school instead. Whew! Even the paragraph on “My Fussy Recipes” comes across as not fussy at all. She clearly explains why she does things the way she does them. Her attitude and her style carry throughout “A Girl and Her Pig,” and cooking with these recipes is a laid back affair like hanging out with a girlfriend. It’s a pleasure.

Check out April Bloomfield’s recipes for deviled eggs, mayonnaise (a necessary ingredient in the deviled eggs), and her special curry in the recipe boxes to the right.