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2006 Laurenz V. Singing
December 11, 2008

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2006 Laurenz V. Singing

Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng

Region: Niederoesterreich, Austria; Blend: 100% Grüner Veltliner.

Notes: I’m a lover of acidity, especially when it lifts the wine and makes for a versatile food accompaniment. Discover Lenz Moser’s Grüner and you’ll be hooked.

Sophie Moser’s dad, the famous Austrian winemaker Lenz Moser, focuses on wines from a single indigenous variety, Grüner Veltliner, a grape often overlooked in favor of the rising star Riesling. When Sophie was eleven, she had a serious talk with her dad, encouraging him to go back to his roots and concentrate on Grüner; she also expressed her interest in running the winery with him when she grew up! Now seventeen, she isn’t quite in charge yet, but she has already left her mark, specifically on the 2006 Laurenz V. Singing ($14). It imparts an aromatic citrus and floral nose and has a bit of natural spritz from the fermentation. This is a fruity, medium-bodied wine with beautiful lingering acidity and fully developed yellow fruit flavors from ageing on lees. A bit less austere than what you’d expect from most Austrian Grüners, basically, you will be singing from your first sip. Sophie signs the bottle “und Sophie.”

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