Zucchini Raviolo (Seasonal)

A full-flavored entrée, the zucchini raviolo is the main vegetarian dish on the menu at Hearth for the summer. However, even for hard-core meat lovers like myself, this entrée is a great alternative and very satisfying. This dish fully demonstrates how a single ingredient can be so dynamic in a diversity of texture, taste and aesthetics depending on how it is prepared. The zucchini is sautéed with tomatoes and then wrapped in a thin layer of pasta to create this raviolo. The pasta is so thin it is like a fresh and delicate crêpe. The raviolo sits in a zucchini purée sauce and is garnished with shreds of raw zucchini. Pine nuts and basil are used for subtle, added flavoring. Whether cooked or raw, sautéed or puréed, the zucchini tastes delicious. A wonderfully playful dish, paying homage to the simple and abundant summer zucchini.

Editor’s PickCelia Sin-Tien Cheng | July 11, 2005

American, Italian, Pasta, zucchini, tomato



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